Marketing Strategy for Event Management Company

Event management is a fast-growing industry. According to statistics by Hopper Research, the event management market will reach a value of US$26 billion by 2020 and grow at a CAGR of 6.53% from 2019 to 2025. So there’s no doubt that this is the right time and place for you to set up your event management company with the best marketing strategy.

However, with a lot of new players entering this space, it can be challenging to stand out. To succeed in this cutthroat environment and drive exceptional results, you need to have a strong digital marketing strategy that aligns your brand values and business objectives with your target audience or customers.

In this blog post, we’ll help you understand what an effective marketing strategy for event management companies looks like, discuss the importance of market research, uncover five principles for developing an effective marketing plan, and give examples of great marketing strategies from top brands in other industries.


What is Marketing Strategy Event Management Company?

Events are a vital part of any company’s marketing strategy. Many event management companies use several different strategies to promote their events. The strategies used include social media, newspapers, websites, and more. These strategies help the company reach out to potential attendees and promote its events to the public. In addition, these strategies help the company promote its company and brand to the general public.


Marketing Strategy for an event management company


Need a Marketing Strategy For An Event Management Company? Why?

To measure the success at all and to achieve your goals in the first place, best and proper strategy is required. One needs to set goals, objectives and KPIs for their event.

Here are some useful KPIs to measure the success of your next event:

  1. Registrations 
  2. Actual attendance or event check-ins 
  3. Sales or registrations by ticket type  
  4. Sales or registrations by marketing source 
  5. Sponsorship dollars attracted 
  6. Attendee geography  
  7. Website conversion rate 
  8. Email conversion rate 
  9. Total revenue generated 
  10. Number of new vs returning event attendees (if it’s a repeat event)  
  11. Content engagement  
  12. Social media engagement  
  13. Speaker engagement 
  14. Session engagement and/or attendance 
  15. Number of leads acquired 
  16. Net promoter score (found by sending a survey that asks how likely the attendee would be to recommend your event to a friend)


Top 7 Marketing Strategy for Event Management Company


1. Share Your Event With the Media:

Some of the marketing strategies used by event management companies include printing flyers and brochures, using social media, websites, and creating video advertisements. Each of these strategies has its advantages and uses. 

For example, the company can post information about upcoming events on social media sites. This allows them to reach out directly to interested parties and notify them of upcoming events. In addition, it allows them to share current event information with interested parties. Posting information about past events on social media also enables the company to build rapport with interested parties.


2. Socialize:

Another tool used by event management companies is social media marketing. Marketing through social media outlets is highly effective because most people use these sites regularly. This allows the company to reach out directly to potential attendees without any extra work on their part. They can also promote current events to the public via social media sites without directly contacting them. This allows them to spread news about new products or services and relevant events regarding their businesses.


3. Take Leverage of Live Option to Promote your Event:

Again Let’s  jump to social media platforms. The big and wonderful platform to give awareness about your event- Facebook. Nowadays, live streaming is a popular trend in the event marketing strategy where one can do a direct interaction with their target audience and invite them too. 

Don’t lose this opportunity to provide your audience a best into what you are about to offer and create a convincing pitch regarding the benefit to attend the event which they feel should not miss your event in any situation. Bizzabo studies reveal that nearly 30% of marketing professionals trust that most of the time broadcasting live events puts a positive impact and results.


4. Add on Pop- Ups:

For visitor’s sign up to get more information, whether you have an event website or custom landing page, add on the pop ups forms on that. Maybe this is an annoying action, however one cannot overlook their effectiveness. Their content will play a vital role to get people into it.

Add on Pop- Ups


5. Use Email to Convenience the Audience About Event:

In this modern world, the most suitable way to reach out to one’s potential customers and to invite them to an event- Email marketing campaigns playing a crucial role. Those people who host the event on a regular basis believe that event email marketing is a creative marketing strategy and to save their time some hires the digital marketing agency


6. Create FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out):

Add on the “Fear Of Missing Out” among your customers. If they don’t attend the event, create a creative video or image in which one can show that then they can lose anything which can be valuable for them.

Simple but effective email subject line is “ Yo don’t want to miss this event” 

By reading this people can feel curiosity about your event.


7. Most Important Point in Marketing Strategy for Event Management Company- Time :

To display people about a suitable time they’ll have at your event, use a variety of mediums and platforms. To excite your audience and instantly get spark results from the people about your event use Promotional videos, images, user generated content, and other details. 

For instance, This is just like any film; after the trailer comes out, people commence conversation about that and are even eager to go to watch the movie. 

All these tips are tired, tested and highly recommended to add on as a part of your event marketing ads when promoting your upcoming event. 



Marketing your company through events is an excellent way of informing people about your products or services and promoting your company’s brand image. A variety of tools enable you to effectively market events to interested parties- including newspapers, social media, online advertising, and more. Implementing an event marketing strategy ensures that everyone knows about your upcoming events!


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